Genesis G80 Get New Sport Modification – Is It Going to Beat Premium Germans?

by Hubert Mckinney / Sedan

The South Korean company presents a new version of the 2018 Genesis G80. The new generation of the car has received a number of modifications, making it much more expensive. The car attracts attention with its bright, expressive design and a large number of updated options.

From Hyundai to Genesis

In the US market, sales of the new premium Genesis G80 sedan of 2018 model year has started. This is the second car of the new brand, separated from the Hyundai car manufacturer. A little earlier, in the fall of 2016, they came with the flagship sedan G90, which is the further development of Hyundai Equus. The new car is nothing but a rebuilt Hyundai Genesis, following the older “brother” who left Hyundai’s lineup and joined the premium auto division of the company. Here is our 2018 Genesis G80 review.

New Genesis G80 Sport Review

At the international motor show in Los Angeles, the premium brand Genesis, owned by Hyundai, introduced the sporty modification of its Genesis G80 sedan. The novelty was called G80 3.3T Sport.

This car was announced in the summer during the premiere of the base G80, which replaced the Hyundai Genesis. What about the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport specs? The index in its title indicates the use of a 3.3-liter 370-strong twin turbocharged V6, which is borrowed from the flagship Genesis G90. The engine is combined with a sporty tuned eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Visually, the Genesis G80 3.3T Sport differs from the standard four-door by a dark chrome grille with a copper edging, a more aggressive front bumper with additional air intakes and 19-inch alloy wheels. There are two exclusive body colors – white Polar Ice and red Sevilla Red. Also the 2018 Genesis G80 will be available in colors of Casablanca White, Caspian Black and Himalayan Gray.

Inside, the Genesis G80 Sport interior in general repeats the decoration of a conventional sedan – modern and presentable design, exceptionally expensive materials of upholstery, fine-tuned ergonomics and the highest level of comfort for all riders.

Recognize the “hot” model can be on the sports steering wheel and front seats, made out of two-color leather with perforations, and use in the finish of suede and carbon. The trunk of the car in a standard form possesses 17.4 cubic feet of volume.

Rear seats of Genesis G80 Sport

Structurally, the Genesis G80 Sport does not differ significantly from the basic model – the rear-drive platform, the two-link front and multi-link rear suspension, the load-bearing body with a decent proportion of high-strength steels, the electric power steering with variable characteristics and ventilated discs of the brake system in all wheels. In the base trim sedan has an adaptive suspension with electronically controlled dampers, which is tuned for the sake of performance, and reinforced brakes.

As standard, the car is equipped with nine airbags, a multimedia system with screens for rear riders, premium Lexicon music, an active cruise control, 19-inch wheels, a pedestrian recognition function, heated all seats, a panoramic video review system, a full electric accessories, LED lights and foglights , ABS, ESP and a huge number of other gadgets.

The Genesis G80 3.3T Sport will hit the market early next year as the 2018 model year car. In addition to the new twin-turbo installment, the G80 offers a 3.8-liter V6 and 5.0-liter V8, inherited from the Hyundai Genesis.

The 2018 Genesis G80 Sport price has not revealed yet.

Comparing to the Previous Model

What are the 2018 Genesis G80 changes? First, there’s a new front bumper. At first glance, it does not differ much from the old, but when you look closely, yes, and the truth is it’s new. Another – different grille (the shape has changed, the thickness of the bars and their coloring – they are now not so chrome-plated), the headlights (more technological inside, especially optional, fully LED with adaptive high-low beam switching function), and a slightly modified rear bumper.Review of Genesis G80

Other differences include a new additional stop signal in the rear (from thin LEDs), another antenna trim on the roof edge (well, what’s also a sign of a new car!) And… it seems everything?

In the interior there are even less noticeable changes – a new font on the dashboard panel, an updated color screen of the on-board computer, a “premium” automatic transmission selector and a modernized multimedia, which finally made friends with smartphones based on Apple iOS (there is support for Apple CarPlay) and Android (Android Auto). Plus new trim materials and beautiful inserts of ribbed aluminum around the climate control unit and on the central tunnel instead of ordinary plastic.

All You Need And Something More

The interior of the new Genesis G80 is entirely borrowed from the original Hyundai car. And this means the highest quality of finish, jewelery accuracy of assembly, perfect ergonomics, the richest equipment. In general, its premium status sedan justifies with interest. As a confirmation, we give the list of options available already in the basic trim:Power seats of Genesis G80

  • LED running lights and taillights;
  • Leather interior trim (combination of artificial and genuine leather);
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Three-mode heated front seats;
  • Power front seats (including adjustment of lumbar support);
  • Two-zone climate control;
  • Keyless access and engine start;
  • Fully powered side mirrors (heating, tuning, folding);electronics on Genesis G80
  • Active noise reduction;
  • Automatic opening of the trunk lid;
  • Instrument panel Supervision with 4.3-inch display on-board computer;
  • Multimedia system with 8-inch touch screen (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, navigation, voice control);
  • Lexicon audio system with 7 speakers (including subwoofer);
  • Wireless charging of mobile devices;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • Parking sensors front and rear;
  • Nine airbags (front, front side, front and rear curtains, knee for the driver).
  • The basic 2018 Genesis G80 price starting from $41,750 for RWD model.Gear lever of Genesis G80

In the Premium package, adding $5,000 ncludes an enlarged 7-inch display in the instrument cluster, an electric steering column, an electromechanical handbrake, a 14-speaker audio system, there are ventilation of the front seats, heated rear seats, a projection display, a system of circular vision. The list of electronic assistants is significantly enlarged due to monitoring of “blind” zones, the assistant to keep in the band, monitoring of the lateral traffic, automatic parking, automatic control of the headlights. Part of the interior of the sedan gets suede upholstery.

The most expensive performance of Ultimate package, which request additional $10,100, will please the trim seats with Nappa leather, inserts of natural wood and aluminum, air ionization system, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat cushion, automatic braking, adaptive cruise control 9.2-inch multimedia, full LED head optics with adaptive function.

Exterior Features

The exterior of the premium G80 almost exactly replicates the exterior of the donor Genesis with the exception of a few details. From the front, the designers slightly adjusted the grille, corrected the shape and graphic drawing of the optics, gave a slightly different configuration to the bumper. Headlights are standardly equipped with bi-xenon elements framed by LED driving lights. On the sides of the front bumper are horizontal strokes of LED foglights.

The rear part of the new car flaunts the neat street lamps with LED “stuffing” and a clean bumper line with two inverted trapezoids of the exhaust pipes drawn on either side of the diffuser.

The side view gives an opportunity to enjoy the elegant four-door profile, formed by a short front overhang, a long hood line, a domed roof and a sharp stern. Graceful body sid are decorated with an edge at the level of the door handles and a stylish chrome trim on the bottom edge of the doors. The small side windows, supported by a high window sill, are enclosed in a thin shiny frame.

Is It a Rival to BMW and Mercedes-Benz?

Uh, that’s a difficult question. As an alternative to Japanese sedans – like the Lexus ES and the Infiniti Q70 – the new Genesis G80 can be seen exactly. The Korean already in the base – all-wheel drive (for surplus), has an adequate automatic gearbox and a good turbo engine with good traction and moderate fuel consumption. Interior – at least not worse in the quality of finishing and detailing.Front view of Genesis G80

And see what happens: the Genesis brand, founded some one and a half years ago – formally, in the fall of 2015 – managed not only to overtake, but also in some ways ahead of Lexus and Infiniti with their 30-year history of building premium brands from scratch.

By design, technology, electronics and the overall sense of quality, the G80 is no worse than its Japanese rivals. But in order to fight the “Germans”, you need not only a pleasant price and a long list of gadgets “as a gift” – you need to accumulate some history and experience. For example, in the configuration of not only on-board electronics, but also the driving habits of a good, in general, basic chassis.

However, if you remember that now the Genesis brand is working not only the former Lamborghini designer Luc Donkervolke, but the magnificent Albert Birman – the person who taught to drive the current BMW M3 and M4, then there will definitely not be any problems with the last point.

What’s Under the Hood

engine of Genesis G80In some markets, a new car from Korea is offered with only one engine – a turbocharged I4 Theta-II with a displacement of 2.0 liters, capable of giving a maximum of 245 HP and 260 ft lb. Such a engine is in the arsenal of several Hyundai models, for example, the latest generation of Hyundai Sonata. The power unit is combined only with an 8-speed automatic gearbox controlled by a selector without direct mechanical connection. The drive layout is AWD.

In the US market, the new Genesis G80 is equipped with other variants of power plants. We are talking about the 3.8-liter naturally aspirated V6 (315 hp, 292 ft lb) and 5.0-liter V8 (425 hp, 383 ft lb). Also there is a “hot” version of the Genesis G80 Sport, equipped with a twin turbo 3.3 GDi with a power output of 370 hp and a torque of 376 ft lb. All these engines are combined with the 8-speed automatic, the drive layout is either on the rear axle, or on all four wheels.

On The Road

The chassis of the sedan during the move under the wing of the new brand also underwent further development – the rigidity of the silent blocks was revised, the horns in the rear suspension appeared, the steering ratio became shorter and the algorithms of its electric amplifier placed on the rail were updated. In general, everything, as in premium cars. That’s just there is a small problem – all this is set up is not yet ideal.

In our last test driver complained about the lack of feedback on the steering wheel and the excessive softness of the adaptive chassis of the Hyundai Genesis. At our G80 test there aren’t cars with electronically controlled dampers, and the passive suspension, on the contrary, seemed too shaking.

More precisely, this way: on rounded hummocks – everything is fine. Comfortable and smooth. But on large waves, there will be a build-up with a noticeable amplitude, and on a broken road, 18-inch wheels, shod in Kumho tires, start dancing, forcing the suspension to let sharp knocks into the interior. Maybe adaptive dampers are different?

And the steering. It is the weakest point. Informativeness is weak, feedback is somehow palpable, but too unnatural, moreover, supplemented by strange “hovering” of the steering wheel in one position and a stepped return effort.
Not perfect G80 “stands” and at high speed – barely noticeable shifts in the strip from side to side, forcing the driver to make micromodings not the most accurate rudder… You will not relax.

For Rear Passengers

Maybe the rear passengers should relax? Yes, it is very spacious – almost five-meter body provides an impressive reserve of free space for passengers. The 2018 Genesis G80 interior sensations are no worse than in the “short” versions of the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and certainly more spacious than any competitor in the class, including the new 5-series and E-Class sedans. And quietly  – double-glazed windows installed even as the rear ones!

Rear seats in Genesis G80

Plus curtains (on the doors are mechanical, on the rear window – with an electric drive), adjustable for the flight and the backrest slope back seat (separately for the right and left passenger, but not in the cheapest version), and even your music and seat heating control panel! And from here you can move the right front seat, and along with the passenger sitting on it – another element of the executive car.

But there is no own climate control, as there are no tablet PCs or screens in the backs of the front seats. As the representatives of Genesis say, this was done deliberately, so that the G80 would not take customers away from the more executive (and expensive) G90 sedan. Strange fear – if you remember that the base G90 is worth a just about $20,000 more than the top-trim G80.