Genesis G90 – The Most Expensive Korean Car Ever Released

by Hubert Mckinney / Sedan

What the Genesis is? And why is it so expensive? The answer is simple – it’s the best Korean car ever!

The International North American Automobile Industry Exhibition, held in January 2016, was the world debut of the first-born car in the Genesis model line – Hyundai’s premium sub-brand – in the face of the full-size G90 sedan, which was first introduced in December 2015 in Seoul under the domestic South Korean name EQ900. The car, which replaced the Hyundai Equus executive sedan, embodied the design concept of “Athletic Elegance”, with the range of powerful engines under its hood and got a rich functionality that is not inferior to eminent competitors. Unlike G80, the 2018 Genesis G90 won’t get Sport or Coupe version.

Starting With a Flagship

Yes, like Lexus in the late 80’s, the Koreans decided to allocate their subbrands from the flagship model first. But, surprisingly, the market number 1 for Genesis was not the United States of America – the G90 started from South Korea, and then appeared in the Middle East, Canada and Russia. Such a curious geography. The first 2018 Genesis G90 reviews are rather positive.

introduction of Genesis G90

Long and Beautiful

The design of the G90 was developed under the direction of Peter Schreier, who previously was responsible for the appearance of Kia cars. That’s why G90 turned out quite right, but, of course, conservative – the public does not like wild experiments in this segment. The more surprising the G90 does not seem bulky, although it has a length of 204.7 inches – it is almost 2″ longer than the Hyundai Equus, the old top-end model.

As soon as you are in the back seat, you do not want to go out. The wheelbase of the G90 is 124.4″ (+6.1″ to the Equus!) And hardly reaches the long-bodied Mercedes-Benz S-class, yielding only 0.2″. So there’s a lot of space in the back of the G90. In addition, the seats themselves are incredibly comfortable (even better than the front ones), in basic equipment they have electric drives (with memory!) and ventilation. The is no massage option though, but Koreans are sure that with such a profile of chairs it is not needed. It sounds controversial, but the body does not really get tired. And even the noise insulation for the rear passengers are more effective.

Rear Part For The One

Disadvantages? There are so! Firstly, there is only one USB connector for rear passengers. It is necessary to recharge the phone – will have to fight with a neighbor. Or order a VIP package for nearly $5,000, including 2 separate armchairs and a central tunnel with compartments for small things and coasters – there will be a wireless charging (one of it is located in the front panel and comes as standard). Secondly, the entertainment system with two 9-inch screens does not allow you to listen or watch something individually – there are no headphones, no separate controls. That is, that passengers chose one, then they look and listen to the same thing. The same applies to climate control – you can set the temperature only for the entire rear end. So the passenger here should be alone.

Design Features

Keeping corporate style is always a challenge. As for the new Genesis generation, the designers succeeded in this to the full. So, the main features directly intersect with the stylistic features of Hyundai Genesis and Equus. The front bumper is completely made almost identical, with a comb of a radiator grille and a winged logo. In fact, the new sedan is perceived as the top model of the Hyundai concern, and not as an independent brand. This is a fairly controversial decision, as when trying to form a new automotive brand, manufacturers, as a rule, maximally differentiate its model range from other divisions. What is especially important in the case when it comes to a luxury brand, separated from the traditionally issuing budget models of the concern.

G90 in 2018 received bi-xenon headlights w the th adaptive system and LED daytime running lights. And in the rear-view mirrors are mounted lamps that project the Genesis logo onto the asphalt.

The car’s rear end is remembered by large LED lights and a twin exhaust system. At the same time, a set of only five colors is discouraging, despite the fact that such a competitor of the model as a BMW 7-series, the assortment includes 13 colors, not including exclusive colors.

Upholstery Level

For the interior of the G90 is similar to the decoration of the Lexus LS sedan – there is a similar design with a widescreen 12-inch display at the top of the center console and the clock between the deflectors of the ventilation system.
But Genesis is definitely better than the Japanese competitor, and the British made Jaguar XJ – some buttons are made of metal, the screens are pleased with the graphics and resolution, and the seats are trimmed with Nappa skin with contrast stitching.

Going Beyond Premium

The interior of the G90, as expected, is made at the proper level, with the use of high-quality leather and wooden decoration elements, and such strokes as the arrow clock on the center console only add personality. The steering wheel already has a heating system in the base, and the driver’s seat has 22 possible adjustments to ensure maximum comfort. For the front passenger there are only 16 adjustments with the possibility of adjusting the lumbar support.

Three-zone climate control with a carbon dioxide level sensor is included in the basic equipment. The multimedia system is equipped with a 12.3-inch touch screen on the center console, and an additional 7-inch screen – on the instrument panel, between the tachometer and the car’s speedometer. The audio system includes 17 speakers of Lexicon 7.1 system with surround sound, there is no alternative to this solution.

Particular attention in luxury cars is given to the comfort of passengers of the second row. That is why, in the top models, the rear sofa of the new Genesis is equipped with power adjustments for regulation, heating and ventilation. In addition, there is adjustable lumbar support and memory settings.

Old School Approach

It’s interesting that the Genesis G90 is technically conservative. Engine of Genesis G90No aluminum and carbon fiber in the body structure – it is made of steel (52% – high-strength). No diesels or hybrids – just time-tested gasoline V6 of Lambda family and V8 of Tau, which were used on the predecessor, Hyundai Equus. Only the 3.3 V6 with two turbocharges is added. Even the air suspension is absent – the G90 is equipped with electronically controlled shock absorbers made by Sachs/ZF. Eight-speed automatic was upgraded – it became lighter and faster switching. And yet there is no night vision system, or the makings of an autopilot (only a system of retention in the lane and active cruise control). They work, by the way, mediocre – LKAS forces the sedan to “swim” between the lines, and the cruise control reacts roughly to the slower cars leaving the left lane and then accumulates a given speed for a long time. But there is a convenient color projection screen.

The G90 is heavier than the Equus – the curb weight of the sedan with naturally aspirated V6 3.8 (available in some markets) starts at 4750 lbs (Equus – from 4409 lbs). And it’s not just a larger scale, a wide range of standard equipment with a bunch of electric drives of all and all and 19-inch wheels instead of the 18-inch ones. The most important thing is that the Genesis G90 got all-wheel drive! In some markets it is the only option. And the settings vary depending on the selected driving mode: at Eco, almost 100% of the torque goes back to save fuel, in the Sport 10% of the thrust goes forward to maintain the rear-wheel drive, and the maximum share of the “front” can reach up to 40%. Of course, all this is controlled by electronics.

V8 engine for Genesis G90

Is It a Sports Sedan?!

Performance of Genesis G90The G90 is going well! The new 370-hp V6 3.3 with two turbochargers easily picks up a sedan with a huge mass of and suddenly sounds fastinating. The figures of acceleration to a sixty do not impress – 6.2 seconds, but in reality the G90 feels more dynamic and easily pushes the arrow of the speedometer to the mark beyond 100 MPH. Another 40 MPH – and the limiter will work. The G90 is able to surprise even on winding country roads! Handle a large Genesis is easy – the dimensions are perfectly felt, thanks to good visibility. The front posts here are slightly shifted forward, the driver can see relief of fenders. And in the habits there is not even a hint of laziness – Genesis is sensitive to the steering wheel, rushing into turns. The car in the “Sport” also holds the motor in its tonus, and there are also paddle shifters, although there is no need for them.

Badge of Genesis G90

The steering wheel, by the way, becomes heavier in “sport”, but you can get rid of this by tuning everything individually, including the suspension and the operation of the all-wheel drive transmission. The best shock absorbers work in Comfort mode – in Comfort+ there is a buildup on the waves, and Sport forces them to “collect” all the traffic trifle on the body. But in general, the lack of air suspension hardly affects the smoothness of the course. Complaints can only be on the joints and hatches that Genesis meets with coolness. By the way, Genesis G90 has a tenacious tires Continental ContiSportContact 5 – an interesting choice for an executive class. They are also the main source of noise (especially on rough asphalt), but in general, of course, the G90 is quiet: there are also double glasses and an active noise cancellation system. Genesis also has Smart mode, in which independently determines the driving style and adjusts the power unit, shock absorbers, gearbox, four-wheel drive and steering accordingly.

Enlarged G90L

The ideal version for the self-serving egoist is the Genesis G90L. At the center of the body there is a 11.4″ insert, which makes the Genesis look like it just left the gate of an embassy. It is equipped with only a five-liter engine with a power output of 413 hp. And, despite the loss in torque comparing to 3.3 engine, it pulls even nicer under the muffled roar of the classic naturally-aspirated V8. Finally, the G90L is available exclusively in the most luxurious Royal trim level.

But the main charm in another. Pressing one button… and in the interior begins the transformation – the front seat leaves forward, and the rear unfolds, as if in the business class of wide-body aircraft. Here you can sleep, not forgetting to shut yourself off from the outside world by electric shutters. Of the competitors, only Mercedes-Maybach offers this, with the G90L surpassing it in length – 216.3″ against 214.6, and the wheelbase is larger by 3.3″, so there is more space in the Genesis. Release date of enlarged 2018 Genesis G90 occured in the same period of time as the short-wheelbased one.

Pricing and Trim Levels

Starting price for the 2018 Genesis G90 set on $68,100 level (as MSRP one). For this price you will get standard 3.3 engine car with rear wheel drive system. For that configuration none of additional packages are available with only one trim called Premium. The same story with the AWD modification. Nevertheless, it has almost everything you want from a car. Despite the more powerful version trim level called Ultimate, there are no option for it as well, and the equipment level is nearly the same. 2018 Genesis G90 5.0 Ultimate goes for $72,200.