New Honda CR-V – Edge Looking, Turbocharged Bestseller

by Hubert Mckinney / SUV

The new Honda CR-V of the 2018 model year is the fifth generation car which was first presented on October 16, 2016 at the Detroit Motor Show. The official presentation was held in Los Angeles a month later. It was there that it became clear that this is the embodiment of the North American version of this SUV in tandem with the new Civic.

The novelty is created on the 10th generation Civic platform and has become larger than its predecessor. So the overall length of 2018 CR-V has increased by approximately 1.1″, and in width and height – by about 1.4″. The wheelbase dimensions of the CR-V crossover has grown by 1.6″, and the rear legroom has increased by 2″.

Honda CR-V features

Externally, the crossover can be distinguished by LED headlights, a modified grille, a long hood, tail lights with LED sections and a bifurcated rear exhaust. Inside the car, there was a new instrument panel, an upgraded steering wheel, a multimedia system with a 7-inch touch screen, navigation and support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
Depending on the configuration, the car can be equipped with heated side mirrors, a front-facing warning system, 2-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, electrically adjustable and heated seats, electric parking brake, lane tracking system, pedestrian recognition function, lane departure warning system and others.

New Honda Design Language

Honda CR V of the 2017-2018 model years continues the visual concept set by the other latest models of Honda Motor, such as HR-V and Civic.

The exterior of the crossover looks at its optics, it is made in a bit aggressive style, a radiator grille in the form of a hexagon, a bumper with clearly defined facets, and the rear is decorated with original lanterns that visually pass to the rear door.

Very aggressive look ends of the exhaust system, spaced at the edges of the rear bumper. The lower part is protected from chips and damages by special lining from plastic. Immediately striking huge arches of wheels and the relief of the side wings, which are indecently bloated. It should be noted large rims, diameter 17-18 inches. In the radiator grille, active curtains were integrated, reducing the frontal resistance in the closed state.

A Leap Forward In Interior Materials and Features

The interior overview gives an idea of the high level of comfort, the volume of space that is needed. In all Honda CRV there is an original new solution in the front console. A sensor is mounted above the visor. The main one is a 10-inch screen located at the center of the panel.

The climate control buttons and other functions are located below it. The panel with the gear selector is located near the climate control buttons, but at the same time slightly tilted towards the driver. The coasters and the parking brake lever are, as it should be, between the front seats.

Honda CR-V full interior

Even when considering the interior of the car, the presence of more expensive finishing materials is noted. During the creation of the fifth generation model interior, the designers formed the interior of the higher class BMW X3 as a standard. In the center of the front panel, engineers integrated a seven-inch TFT touchscreen. The multimedia complex itself has voice control in combination with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Hi-Tech StuffingHonda CR-V electronics

In the car there will be a different set of options that correspond to the latest technologies and innovations – a lot of airbags, LED optics, multimedia support for mobile devices, leather interior, electric trunk, heated front seats with electrical adjustments.
In the crossover, the Honda Sensing security system is installed, which includes warning and avoidance of frontal crashes, tracking marking, cruise control, and warning of blind areas. In addition, in the rich configuration will be a rear-view camera, a parking sensor, starting the engine with a button.

More expensive sets of 5th generation CR-V have a branded security system with the name Honda Sensing, represented by systems for monitoring dead zones, tracking marking, preventing frontal collisions, recognizing cross-vehicles when reversing, and adaptive cruise control.

It is worth pointing out that a lot of interior details are made of high-quality aluminum. The place for the driver is very well equipped. The armchairs have a pronounced lateral support, the seats are moderately elastic, densely packed.

The correct orthopedic component is traced. The rear seat seats three passengers. The luggage compartment in its volume is no different from its predecessors, its volume is about 21.1 cu ft, and 60 cu ft if you fold the rear seats.

Turbocharging in Action

The new CR-V will be equipped with both gasoline and diesel engines:Honda CR-V engine
– the petrol engine in the displacement of 2.0L – producing 150 hp;
– the petrol engine in the displacement of 2,4L – producing 186 hp;
– the petrol turbocharged engine of 1.5 liters displacement – 175 hp;
– diesel turbocharged engines with 1.6 liters displacement – 120 and 160 horsepower rating.

In the US, the crossover will be offered with a new 1.5-liter turbo engine with a power output of 190 hp with 178 ft lb of torque, and with the former 2,4-liter naturally aspirated engine, giving out 187 horsepower (180 ft lb of torque). Both engines are paired with a CVT. In the basic version of the new CR-V will be a front-wheel drive. The all wheel drive system is available as an option. CR-V turbo engine won’t be available in basic trim level. The Honda CR-V hybrid is not expected yet.

Interior Impressions

The electronic combination of the instrument panel is read as the top line of the ophthalmic table (people with eyesight problems will appreciate it), and the balance between the “physical” and “virtual” controls is well-verified so that the skill is developed instantly. For example, the volume control located on the steering wheel can work as a button, and as a touch track: I drag my finger up – the volume increases, I drag it down – it decreases. The map image in the navigation mode can also be changed with the usual “pinch” gesture of fingers, but the level of the volume control on the tablet is not virtual, which is convenient. There is not enough unless the tactile confirmation of the operation of the drawn buttons-icons: only a beeper is provided.

Landing at the wheel is close to the standard, and in this considerable contribution to the new embossed and more European hard seats. The front pillars, according to sensations, began to eat less of the picture in front of the driver. Behind the same paradise: doors swing open 90 degrees (be careful in parking lots!), The wheelbase grew by 1.5″ and gave the occupants of the sofa an impressive stock of space along the length, and additional bonuses were two power USB jacks and a two-stage backrest adjustment mechanism for angle of inclination. Its sections, as before, can be folded out of the trunk – using convenient levers. The size of the luggage compartment in the crossover of the previous generation was 20.8-40.4 cu ft, the CR-V in the American version of the trunk grew by 2 cubic feet on average.

AWD SystemHonda CR-V chassis

The ideology of all-wheel drive for the new Honda CR-V is still just a crossover rather than serious off-road capable SUV. This means that the driver can not in any way influence the operation of the transmission: there is even no Lock mode. CVT instead of hydromechanical gearbox is also not the best off-road solution. But the settings of the inter-axle clutch of the fifth-generation car have become different (to be exact – more off-road, with a margin for overheating), and at the first opportunity we will check it.

Driving Impressions

Under normal conditions, the new 1.5-liter engine seems alive and energetic. This is partly due to the Honda-designed СVT, which, like Accord and Civic, is equipped with a torque converter that provides smooth initial acceleration. If you do not press the accelerator pedal into the floor and hold it there for a long time, then you will hardly hear annoying buzzing than similar transmissions of some competitors. New CVT in the CR-V simulates the operation of a conventional automatic transmission, regulating the operation of the engine in normal driving conditions. This strategy may not be the most efficient in terms of fuel consumption, but it is most comfortable from the standpoint of the driver’s attitude to such gearboxes.

Honda CR-V test drivingSuspension in new SUV is assembled well. The car came out pretty stiff, but at the same time obedient; Even on a bad surface it is completely controlled. Electronic steering is clear, well-balanced and natural. We tested the new CR-V together with the Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4, and it is Honda that offers the best combination of ride quality and handling. Ford seemed to us a bit sharper in fast lane changing, but it is more tough in other situations, and Toyota against the background of the rivals proved to be uninformative and lifeless.

In fact, riding at the limit of possibilities is not at all what CR-V or its competitors were for. These compact crossovers are designed for young couples and families who need a more practical car than a sedan. And in this role CR-V is ideal. It is spacious, comfortable and economical; It is these qualities that allow us to assume that the CR-V 2017 will safely keep the position of the sales leaders in the SUV segment.

Trim Levels and Pricing

The new Honda CR-V trim levels consist of 4 models – LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. The standard car features the first trim in the list costs $24,045 MSRP and comes with 2.4L engine with 2WD layout. Add $1,300 and you will get four wheel drive. Thankfully, there is no surcharge for a metallic color.

Honda CR-V black
The CR-V LX features rearview camera, LED running lights, 17 alloy wheels, simple multimedia, but all-power accessories.
Next step in hierarchy is EX, starting with $26,795 (with the same surcharge for AWD). It comes with more efficient 1.5 turbocharged engine, Honda Sensing systems, keyless entry system and 7-inch multimedia display.

Honda CR-V specifications
EX-L features all the same options and the same engine as EX, but for $29,295 starting MSRP price it also get leather wrapped seats, powered front seats (12-way for driver, 4-way for passenger) and tailgate, as well as auto-dimmed interior mirror.
Touring trim level of the new CR-V also comes with FWD as a standard (surprisingly), starting from $33,495, features hands-free power tailgate, all-LED headlights, rain sensor and satellite navigation in standard.
All modifications has back-up sensors as an option.