The Return of American Luxury – Meet New Cadillac CT6

by Hubert Mckinney / Sedan

“To destroy an enemy or become better, you must find him, meet him, and then… Become it.” It’s exactly such an attempt to outrun competitors that Cadillac has tried to do over the past few years. But all this was not like the above quote. But recently the American brand introduced the 2018 model year Cadillac CT6, which is fundamentally different from what we have seen in recent years. And the most important difference in everything and for the better.

Old generations of cars were distinguished by an expensive luxury finish and a stunning design. Many models of this brand have become legendary cars, with an incredible level of luxury. Unfortunately, until recently all modern models did not reach this level at all.

But new CT6 is a return to those old Cadillac ideals, admired all over the world in the old days. But, despite the return to the classical sources of luxury, spirit, etc., everything that is created in the new model is done cleverly, in an innovative and high-tech way.

The Renaissance of a True Caddy?

Quite possibly a new luxury model is the true revival of Cadillac. We do not say modern cars of this brand are bad. On the contrary. For example, Cadillac CTS and ATS-V are fantastic cars. But, nevertheless, all these models are made in the spirit of German cars. The matter is that these cars are created approximately with the same sizes, as competitive cars from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. You simply cannot beat competitiors providing the same qualities.

In Cadillac CT6, engineers, designers, and marketing experts decided to make an attempt to refresh the idea of the Cadillac brand and show the world that this brand, having a tremendous history of development, is ready to start dividing the market for a share in the segment of premium and luxury cars.
The CT6 has become the emphasis is on comfort and luxury. Also, this car is now not going to compete with the Germans anymore. For this, it was necessary to simply move away from the principle of “Win the enemy by becoming him.” The release date of the new Cadillac CT6 stated 11 March, 2016 when the first car meet its owner. It was the Platunum trimmed (top trim) model.

The Hi-Tech Luxury

Innovation and home-like comfort. The equipment of a sedan includes everything that is really possible to install in a car like this. Particular attention is paid to the comfort and the comfort of the rear passengers in particular: comfortable seats with the possibility of adjustment in all directions are equipped with ventilation, heating, massage, individual entertainment system with 10-inch touch screens; wide door openings and doors with an increased opening radius for easy fit; climate control with ionization and humidification.

The CUE multimedia is equipped with a 10.2-inch touch panel, a Bose Panaray audio system with 34 speakers (cool optional feature described below), a WiFi access point and wireless charging for smartphones. The instrument panel is interactive and completely digital.

The standard options include a camera, a night vision system, automatic parking, a Pedestrian Collision Mitigation system with automatic braking, 10 airbags and much more.

In addition, the car can be equipped with a interior video mirror, a semi-automatic control system, a kinetic energy recovery system and many other useful functions. The unique interior of the Cadillac CT6 is made using the most advanced technologies and the latest fashion in the automotive industry.
The design uses several types of exclusive leather, exotic woods, modern carbon fiber. Ergonomics is almost perfect. Everything is verified to within a micron. Nevertheless, despite the technology, the interior has the impression of being at home.

4 Cool Features of the New Cadillac flagship:

1) Size

This is a large car, only Escalade is larger and more elongated. Among the sedans in its dimensions, the CT6 outperforms the “simple” versions of such iconic cars as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW 7 Series and so on. So if you think about Cadillac CT6 vs BMW 7-series, the winner is not so obvious anymore. Although in fact it would compete with the E-class and the 5-series in terms of price (Cadillac CT6 basic price is around $54,570) . And yes – CT6 only for a while will be the most prestigious Cadillac. Soon there will be a larger model, which will fit on the field of Mercedes-Maybach and Bentley.

2) Wide Engine Range and Tech Innovations

If you compare a simple version of CT6 and the most “heaped”, then it will actually be two different cars. “Cheap” cars have a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine, a rear-wheel drive, an “ordinary” suspension, simple seats and the most ordinary rear-view mirror. Although in fact, and this is not bad, because CT6 in any case, a spacious and quiet car. And besides the power of the engine – and it gives out 265 hp. – Just enough for everyday use.

The engine in the other cars are 3 liters. It is claimed that it was created specifically for the Cadillac and will only be used on the Cadillacs (hard to believe, but the desire to create an aura of exclusivity is commendable). The engine, however, is not V8. It has six cylinders, but thanks to a double supercharging it produces 404 hp. (133 hp per liter of displacement). And a 3-liter unit is enough for… Yes for everything. True, there is no sense of “hurricane”. In many respects because CT6 is created, first of all, for comfort. And yet there is a all wheel drive, rear turning wheels, adaptive suspension. As a result, on a winding track 404-hp goes excellent into the turns.

3) Coolest Audio System

Separately, it’s worth mentioning about the music system Bose Panaray, which received the CT6. It sounds very, very cool. Modern cinemas with surround sound will envy the new Cadillac! Of course, it has 34 speakers, which are scattered literally throughout the salon. But I must say right away that it will be possible to get a musical excitement only in the top trim levels and adding spectacular $3,700 to the price.

4) Innovative Interior Rearview Mirror

In the history of Cadillac CT6 will enter as a car, which first received one very interesting feature – if in 15 years they will become as familiar as smartphones, then remember the Cadillac brand.

Remember, not so long ago the so-called panoramic mirrors were huge, curved, distorting, but eliminating the problem of blind spots. So, Cadillac made such a mirror on a completely new level. You press the lever of the mirror (usually it turns on the dimming function), and thanks to the camera the mirror turns from “ordinary” into magic. And then on the display with a resolution of 1280 by 240 pixels you see 4 times more! In this case, two images are not superimposed on each other, and the picture is clear. Popular Science magazine has already ranked this mirror to one hundred outstanding innovations of the past year.

New Face

The sedan CT6 stands out against the backdrop of other cars thanks to its bright appearance with a dominant long hood and a dynamic roof line. The new car embodies, as noted above, the evolution of the model line of the brand.

The face of the Cadillac evolves with the CT6 sedan, which features a new design of the grille and light devices. For example, vertical LED “blades” of daytime running lights framing the front of the body are combined with LED headlights with Indirect Fire technology.

Laser headlights, smoothly turning into longitudinal navigation lights, is almost perfect and capable of operating in automatic mode. The profile of the car leaves no doubt that before you a sedan of the executive class – an extended hood line, wide doors and wheel arches, an additional window on the rear rack – everything looks solid, prestigious and expensive.
A large, accentuated laconic forage without unnecessary elements only reinforces this impression.

For Rear Passengers

A special package Articulating Rear Seat for the rear seats offers passengers a new level of comfort and luxury. It includes adjusting the position of the rear seat horizontally (free stroke is 3.2″), adjusting the lumbar support, the function of the cushion of the seat, massage function, heating and cooling function, and an armrest with controls for the multimedia system, including HDMI and USB connectors.

It is worth noting that the infotainment system for passengers in the rear seats is equipped with 10-inch displays that are retracted into the backs of the front seats, and allows you to connect portable digital devices.

Speaking Technically

There are many misconceptions associated with the new Cadillac model. This is due to the fact that the American company did not particularly try to communicate all the details to the public. Many mistakenly believe that the Cadillac CT6, this is a replacement for the CTS sedan. This is not true. The novelty is based on a different platform. The architecture is called “Omega”. This is the company’s first car, which will be assembled on a new platform, which can be modified if necessary to produce another model line. For example, on the same platform will be released crossover XT5, which will replace the aging SRX SUV.

If more correct, then rather the Cadillac CT6 will replace the XTS model.

The body structure of the machine uses high-quality aluminum, spot welding, and special fastening technology for front and rear suspension. All this has allowed achieving optimum weight for such sizes and class. According to the technical data provided by Cadillac, the base model Cadillac CT6 weighs 3655 pounds. That’s 998 lbs less than the Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7-series.

CT6 will be supplied with three types of engines: a 3.0-liter Twin Turbo V6 with a power of 404 horsepower, turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 with a power of 335 horsepower and a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 265 horsepower.
All three power units are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.
For those who think that the engine is eight cylinders, then do not worry. A little later, Cadillac will bring Cadillac CT6 with a V8 engine to the market.

Cadillac CT6 will also be available with a hybrid powertrain with the ability to recharge from the mains and three modes of operation:

– Normal mode: designed for everyday trips. This is the perfect balance between comfort and maximum engine performance and fuel economy.

– Sport mode: with a more aggressive driving style for a better perception of the route, the mode increases the car’s reaction to the pedal pressing and increases the steering return

– Hold mode: allows the driver to choose when using the hybrid engine, while retaining the remaining battery charge for later use. This feature improves fuel economy, as it allows drivers to save battery power in an urban environment, where the hybrid CT6 works as efficiently as possible.

Another feature of the hybrid CT6 is the Regen on Demand system, which makes it possible to restore energy from mechanical motion, converting it into electricity and accumulating it in a battery for later use.

Made for Comfortable Driving

The Cadillac CT6 test drive was held in sunny Los Angeles. This machine during testing has proved to be an excellent performer of all those desires, which many drivers dream of. Traditionally in Los Angeles, heavy traffic on the road, and not every car is capable of giving perfect comfort and driving pleasure in a large metropolis. In the end, we can say with certainty that those who are looking for transport for the city, this is one of the best solutions that can be found in the world car market today.

This luxury sedan is positioned as a representative car with a sporting character. Manage the Cadillac CT6 is very easy and comfortable. All movements of the car are smooth and perfect. Sound insulation at the highest level. In the cabin it’s quiet even at high speed. During the movement, virtually nothing is audible. As a result, you may get the feeling that the whole world is rapidly moving somewhere while you are flying in a comfortable airplane, enjoying the incredible sensations of the trip.

Initially, we expected that the rolls in the car would be large enough due to the size of the bodywork. But surprisingly they aren’t.
Despite the fact that the Cadillac CT6 is quite a long car, on the road, it behaves like a much smaller car.

More Space for Less Money

Obviously, the new Cadillac flagship is a direct allusion to competition with German cars. But the competition is not obvious, as the size of the sedan’s body is slightly different from the German flagships. For example, the body length of the Cadillac CT6 is less by 2 inches than that of the German S-Class cars. The wheelbase is longer by 1″.

But at a cost Cadillac undisputed competitor Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 and BMW 7-series. The new model costs about the same as the Mercedes E-class costs. But having spent money, you will not get the E-class.

This is the main advantage of Cadillac – you get more car for the same money, without sacrificing anything. What is Cadillac CT6? This is really a unique car and a significant step forward for the Cadillac brand.